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Venturous Counsel Video Series

Lawyers have a reputation for being unapproachable and speaking in indecipherable legalese—but you know that working with VC is just the opposite.  As part of our mission of democratizing legal insights for startup founders and investors, we’ve launched a new video series called “UpSTART: Legal Hacks for Savvy Startups and

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Resources for finding good startup networking events in the Bay Area

Starter Guide to SF for Founders ( michellefang – Link in Bio & Creator Tools | Beacons; can also be found on X @michellefang and lists events weekly in the SF area. San Francisco Startup Resource List: 700+ Accelerators, Investors and more ( San Francisco Startup Community, Mentorship and

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Do Founders’ Agreements Create More Problems Than They Solve?

Often, the ‘need’ for a Founders’ Agreement points to deficiencies in the company’s practices around issuing founder equity and maintaining its cap table, or—far worse—to deficiencies in the founders’ ability to effectively communicate with one another. Founders’ Agreements are disfavored by many seasoned investors, and it’s usually wiser to address

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