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Equity Issuance and Stock Plans

equity issuance and stock plans legal services

Startups succeed when everyone who plays a crucial role in that success has a stake in the outcome.  But the process of issuing equity (whether in the form of stock or options) can be complex and anxiety-inducing.  There are numerous pitfalls and the consequences for getting it wrong can be severe—both for the company and the team member.  We’ll help you issue shares to founders and early hires, set up a stock plan (an ‘option pool’) for future employees, develop a strategy around equity compensation that aligns with your vision for the company, and systematize your equity issuance process so it’s not a resource drain (leveraging automation and technological resources where possible to keep costs down).

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Tracy Chou, Clock Party

I have experienced what it’s like to be the small account that your big law firm doesn’t care about… By contrast, working with Venturous means partnering with a team that actually knows you, understands how you operate and what you care about, and does quality work at an exceedingly fair price. I feel lucky to have been Venturous’s first client and I love that we’ve been on parallel startup journeys.

Iliana Montauk, Manara

We found Venturous through a close friend of mine who is a serial startup founder and worked with them at a previous company. We love them. They truly care about their companies—it’s clear they care beyond any legal team we’ve worked with before. They think about your overall business context and give sound advice…they’ll respond within minutes…and they try to keep costs low.

Eric Bahn, co-founder, Hustle Fund

Venturous is the official law firm of Hustle Fund, and they are always our first call for legal work. The reason why we love them is that they are just really cool humans, first and foremost, who happen to be exceptionally talented lawyers. The Venturous team is so good at explaining complicated legal items in terms that a five-year-old can understand; they are pragmatic advisors who share clear advice. I love this team so much as business partners, and now as personal friends too.