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legal services for fundraising


Raising venture capital can be essential to scaling your company, and effective legal counsel is about much more than the mechanics of closing a transaction.  We partner with you before your first conversation with an investor, helping you refine your fundraising strategy and equipping you with market insights so that you can get to “yes”.  And once that happens, we’re by your side from term sheet to closing, helping you understand all the impacts the transaction will have for you and the company and empowering you to make informed decisions for your company’s future.  Whether you’re raising a small ‘friends and family’ round, a SAFE or note round to bridge you to your Series A, or a complex Series D in preparation for an exit, we’ve got your back.

equity issuance and stock plans legal services

Equity Issuance and Stock Plans

Startups succeed when everyone who plays a crucial role in that success has a stake in the outcome.  But the process of issuing equity (whether in the form of stock or options) can be complex and anxiety-inducing.  There are numerous pitfalls and the consequences for getting it wrong can be severe—both for the company and the team member.  We’ll help you issue shares to founders and early hires, set up a stock plan (an ‘option pool’) for future employees, develop a strategy around equity compensation that aligns with your vision for the company, and systematize your equity issuance process so it’s not a resource drain (leveraging automation and technological resources where possible to keep costs down).

venture capital legal firm


Forming a startup that’s ready to receive investor capital is a very different process than setting up a typical owner-operated business—but it doesn’t need to be expensive or complex.  We leverage technological tools and automation to form your company in a way that gives investors comfort and confidence when partnering with you.

mergers and acquisitions legal services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re selling your company or buying someone else’s, we can help you evaluate the deal’s economic terms, optimize the structure to avoid unnecessary tax exposure, and put your transaction on a fast track to closing. Many startups mistakenly believe they should get “M&A counsel” when they are considering an acquisition, but this wastes the strong institutional knowledge you’ve developed with your general counsel. Working with Venturous Counsel on your M&A transactions ensures you can leverage not only this deep organizational memory, but our efficient and bottom-line oriented approach, to keep costs reasonable and processes smooth so y

commercial legal services


A successful company needs solid agreements to clarify its business relationships and protect itself when things don’t go as planned—agreements with customers, website visitors, app users, suppliers, service providers, vendors, resellers, and others.  We’re seasoned pros at drafting and reviewing agreements of every kind: terms of service, privacy policy, SaaS, inbound and outbound licensing, OEM/manufacturing, software development; we can even take a look at your commercial lease or insurance binder to make sure there are no gotchas.  Whether you need a new agreement, or just need a set of legal eyes on an agreement drafted by another party, Venturous Counsel will give you quick, digestible guidance and deliver an agreement that makes sense with a minimum of obscure legalese.

intellectual property legal services

Intellectual Property

Protecting your company’s intellectual property is critical, and you can expect your investors will want to understand your company has full ownership of its IP.  Our client setup and approach ensures that we’re securing and protecting your IP at every step and in every agreement and assisting you in establishing a comprehensive IP strategy, while our network of IP specialists can help you register your patents, trademarks, and copyrightable works.  Venturous Counsel will ensure that your company is able to fully leverage 100% of your secret sauce, whether it’s registrable ‘hard’ IP or otherwise.

securities and regulatory compliance legal services

Securities Regulatory Compliance

Raising venture capital and issuing equity in the company necessarily means complying with state and federal securities regulations.  This process can be confusing and intimidating, and little mistakes can get expensive in a hurry.  We’re hyper efficient at handling compliance for you, so you can check this off your worry list and focus on growing your company.

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